Samuel E. Bleecker was trained as a physicist at the University of Maryland and as a molecular biophysicist at Yale University. Following graduation, he worked for Bell Labs writing speeches for executives and, in general, helping the company explain its science and technology.

He wrote a monthly column on computers for one of the first PC magazines and, for a year, a column on astronomy for a monthly science magazine. He is the author of “The Politics of Architecture,” a book on the numerous building projects of Nelson A. Rockefeller. He also launched several enterprises: his own high-technology consulting firm, the nation’s first software rental library, the first national software exchange, and, the Literary Connection, an early online service that matched writers with publishers and producers. He also was the director of a year-long “Office of the Future” project on computers at Innova in Houston, TX. For more than a decade, Mr. Bleecker was a travel photographer and he and his wife shared a byline as travel columnists for the Chicago Tribune.  His science and travel articles have appeared in numerous newspapers and national magazines.

Currently, Mr. Bleecker’s abstract paintings, motivated by mathematics, physics and biological themes, such as “Numbers Count,” “Hidden Worlds,” and “The Geometry of Color” are on display at the Compton Gallery in Boonton, NJ.


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