Midday Gallery Exhibits Art by Sam Bleecker

Inspired by Science, Jersey Artist Shows at Midday Gallery in Englewood

Englewood, N.J. July 8 – 2015 — What is visually delightful may also challenge us to think more deeply about the natural world and its hidden patterns. But just how hidden are they? Visual artist Samuel E. Bleecker, who trained as a physicist and molecular biologist at the University of Maryland and Yale, likes to play hide and seek with these patterns, sleuthing around, digging them out, then hiding them again for the sheer madcap pleasure he takes in discovering that new patterns have been made (so take another look).

This playful harvest of visual delight has its rigors, infusing the pattern-finding tools of science and mathematics in the realm of acrylic on canvas and mixed media.  Bleecker’s work can surprise and delight in its visual imagination drawn from a vast reservoir of ideas that happily conspire to create collisions in science and art, music and mathematics, color and geometry, new ways of seeing color and form, while stretching the possibilities of subject matter, our biological connections to the natural world, and our very sense of how we perceive through art and science (let’s say culture).

In surprisingly delightful ways exploring adventurous new terrain, Bleecker’s vision can grab you by the collar or whisper in your ear. What grows on you is the clarity, simplicity, precision, the sense that he enjoys the process of making the work, which can be both wild and ordered, and always evolving.  He is a serial experimenter – and you can see the continuity.  His best work is both calming and exhilarating (e.g., his 16×20″ Black Hole).


A series of his delightfully surprising works is now on display at Midday Gallery, Bleecker’s first time in Bergen County, where his intriguing pieces just started a six month run. Sam, who worked for Bell Labs and was a globetrotting travel writer in a galaxy far, far away, revels in the abstract to take a fresh look at the commonplace, where he invites us to envision the extraordinary. His use of number, form, color and shape appeals to kids of all ages, from toddlers to aging boomers like himself.

For further information, please contact Midday Gallery, 8 N. Dean Street, Englewood, NJ 07631; email: middaygallery@twcmetrobiz.com, telephone 201 568 4454.  Website: http://www.middaygallery.com



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