The Art of Letters

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IMG_0081  IMG_0091

Can letters build pictures too?

Since letters can be arranged into words and thoughts, I wondered if there was a way of assembling letters into pictorial rather than written thoughts or into some sort of abstract Rorschach test, where we the viewers construct our own interpretations and meanings from a collection of letters. For me, there is something ironic in having letters literally form ideas and images in three dimensions. Letters are almost always confined to the written page and their shapes irrelevant to meaning of the word. Only their sequence counts. Here I wanted their forms to play a more significant role.

In essence, these constructions are an ode to letters and to art.

The constructions above are created from acrylic paints and vinyl letters on 20- by 16-inch canvases. In places, the letters rise above the canvas by as much as an inch.

If these constructions tickle your funny bone or your brain, I’d really appreciate your sharing your impressions and thoughts with me.

Your comments are welcomed.

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One Response to The Art of Letters

  1. Lenore Popper says:

    Hi Sam….it’s me, Lenore Simons Popper and we just spoke on the phone about Barbara and Gerry. I went back to google and saw your paintings. I really love them and would like to know if u will be showing in New York anytime soon. By the way, I’m a volunteer at the Nassau County Museum of Art. Best wishes, Lenore Email:

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