An Experiment in Dimensionality

I’d to explain my latest experiment: elevating traditional paintings on canvas from two dimensions to three … or, simply put, my attempt to have my images literally jump off the canvas.
If you’ve seen “Purple Rose of Cairo,” Woody Allen’s masterful film in which the hero steps off the silver screen into a 3D world, you will understand my inspiration here.
Over the decades, many artists have toyed with a multitude of techniques to escape the limitations of the canvas, while expanding the richness of two-dimensional art onto a three-dimensional landscape.
In this experiment, I carry the under painting on the canvas onto a curved manifold, or curved space, that’s been attached to the canvas. So the painting exists in two places … on the canvas and by extension also on the manifold, which is treated and stiffened archival paper where I have removed an alphabet soup of connected letters. Some plainly visible.
Here’s my shot at it.
side view 1
side view 2
The works below are self-explanatory.

The Peacock
Acrylic paint on canvas
36″ x 24″


Broken Symmetry
Acrylic paint and rolled watercolor paper over newsprint on wood panel
38″ x 8-1/2″


The Stream
Polished river rocks, beeswax, candle wax, acrylic paint on stained wood panel
90″ x 8″

2-Sam_Revised3.2.15 (1)

Acrylic paint and ink on wood panel


Reef II
Acrylic paint on Masonite
20″ x 24″


Hidden World VI
Acrylic paint on canvas
16″ x 20″


Numbers Jump off the Page
Construction: Mixed Media
16″ x 20″ approx.


Acrylic paint on wood panel
20″ x 22-7/8″

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