Hidden Worlds (Manhattan)


Hidden Worlds (Manhattan)
 Acrylic on Canvas
36″ x 48″

This painting belongs to my Hidden Worlds series. Beneath the irregular white grid are two mostly obfuscated paintings, both NYC street scenes abstracted and then purposely hidden. To my mind, this is much the way we perceive reality from first holistic glance to deep analysis. The meaning is always deeper than the surface. So while no one but me might perceive the motivation behind this painting, it is the concept that allows me to paint. Without a concept, I often can’t even start or usually can’t succeed in creating a painting.

Other of my Hidden Worlds acrylic series on artboard (below) are 20-inches by 15-inches.

42-230-20130712_150915  2-DSCN228841-228-20130712_150602 08-099-DSCN1248

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One Response to Hidden Worlds (Manhattan)

  1. Andrew Myers says:

    I like this series!!! 🙂

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