Gushing Faucet & Lusterous River Stream

In an attempt to express the properties of flowing water through the use of common materials in unexpected ways, I have created two new works. One uses ribbons to elicit the feeling of water gushing from a faucet and the other bee’s wax, candles, crayons, shredded paint samples and acrylic paint to capture the luster of a river stream.


The Faucet
Ribbons and Faucet on Wood Panel
13-7/8″ x 36″

DSCN3869    DSCN3868


Gushing Water
Bee’s Wax, Candles, Crayons, Shredded Paint Samples, Acrylic Paint
Mounted on Wood Panel
46-7/8″ x 6-1/2″

Close Up

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